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Who is The Ad Lad?

And why should you hire me to manage your Google Ads account?

I started my self-employed career as a professional close-up magician, performing at parties, weddings, and corporate events across the UK.

As glamorous as this sounds, most of the work that went into maintaining my career as a magician involved a lot of digital marketing.

Knowing how to effectively advertise online was crucial in order to acquire enough leads to convert into paying clients.

Eventually, I found Google Ads. It’s such an incredibly powerful platform that I learned absolutely everything I could until I was making a huge return on my monthly ad investments (some months saw upwards of a 10+ ROI).

This expertise led me to helping others who faced the problem of not having enough leads, enquiries, or customers, and is why today I’ve transitioned from magician into full-time Google Ads manager.

Marco Marians (The Ad Lad)


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